VisMet annotation scheme - procedure for detecting conventional metaphors

Comprehensive list of conceptual metaphors

A Force Is A Moving Object

A Problem Is A Body Of Water

A Problem Is A Locked Container For Its Solution

A Problem Is A Region In A Landscape

A Schedule Is A Moving Object

Abilities Are Entities Inside A Person

Acting Compulsively Is Ingesting A Substance Compulsively

Acting On Is Transferring An Object

Action Is Control Over Possessions

Action Is Motion

Action Is Self-propelled Motion

Active Is Alive

Affection Is Warmth

Anger Is Heath

Amount is a Physical Property

Aspects Of The Self Are Distinct Individuals

Attributes Are Entities

Attribution is Co-location

Bad is Down

Bad Is Stinky

Badness is Dark

Beliefs Are Beings With A Life Cycle

Beliefs Are Children/pets

Beliefs Are Fashions

Beliefs Are Guides

Beliefs Are Locations

Beliefs Are Love Objects

Beliefs Are Possessions

Beliefs Are Structures

Career is A Journey

Career Progress Is Vertical Movement

Categories Are Containers

Causal Precedence Is Temporal Precedence

Causation Is Commercial Transaction

Causation Is Control Over An Entity Relative To A Location

Causation Is Control Over An Object Relative To A Possesso

Causation Is Control Over Relative Location

Causes And Effects Are Linked Objects

Causes Are Physical Forces

Caused Inability to act is Suspension

Change is Getting/Losing

Change Is Motion

Change Is Motion (location)

Change Is Replacement

Change Of State Is Change Of Direction

Coherent Is Aligned

Coherent Is Whole

Communication Is Linguistic Communication

Comparing And Seeking Is Shopping

Comparison Of Properties Is Comparison Of Physical Properties

Comparison Of Properties Is Comparison Of Possessions (non-evaluative)

Comparison of States Is Comparison of Distance

Comparison of Importance is Weighing

Competition Is 1 On 1 Physical Aggression

Competition Is A Race

Competition Is Competition For Desired Objects

Competition Is War

Complience Is Adherence

Complience Is Following

Complience Is Tightness

Conceit Is Inflation

Conducting Research Is Solving A Puzzle

Control Is Up

Creating Is Birthing

Creating Is Giving An Object

Creating Is Making

Creating Is Making Visible

Creating Is Moving To A Location (here)

Creation Is Cultivation

Dangerous Beliefs Are Contagious Diseases

Darkness Is A Cover

Darkness Is A Solid

Desire Is Hunger

Desires Are Forces Between The Desired And The Desirer

Desires That control Action Are External Forces That Control Motion

Difficult Subjects Are Adversaries

Difficulties Are Burdens

Difficulties Are Containers

Difficulty Is Difficulty Is Moving

Disgust Is Nausea

Disparity Is Change

Effect On Emotional Self Is Contact With Physical Self

Effects Of Humor Are Injuries

Emotion Is Motion

Emotional Intimacy Is Physical Closeness

Emotional Self Is A Brittle Object

Emotional Stability Is Balance

Emotional Stability Is Contact With The Ground

Emotional Stability Is Maintaining Position

Emotions Are Entities Within A Person

Emotions Are Forces

Emotions Are Locations

Euphoric States Are Up

Event Structure (location Case)

Event Structure (object Case)

Existence Is A Location (here)

Existence Is An Object

Existence Is Having A Form

Existence Is Life

Existence Is Visibility

External Appearance Is A Cover

External Conditions Are Climate

External Events Affecting Progress Are Forces Affecting

Facts Are Points (set Up In Spatial Configuration)

Failure is Death

Fear Is Cold

Force Is A Substance Contained In Affecting Causes

Force Is A Substance Directed At An Affected Party

Form Is Motion

Gaining Physical Intimacy (against Resistance) Is A Competition

Getting Is Eating

Good is Up

Goodness is Light

Happy Is Up

Harm Is Being In A Harmful Location

Harm Is Causing Functional Objects To Be Nonfunctional

Harm Is Having A Harmful Possession

Harm Is Lacking A Needed Possession

Harm Is Physical Injury

Harm Is Preventing Forward Motion Toward A Goal.

Harm Is Preventing Forward Motion Toward A Goal

Harming Is Lowering

Help Is Support

Hope Is A Benefical Possession

Hope Is A Child

Hope Is Light

Ideas Are Children (w.r.t Development)

Ideas Are Fashions

Ideas Are Food

Ideas Are Light Sources

Ideas Are Locations

Ideas Are Objects

Ideas Are Perceptions

Ideas Are Resources

Ideas Are Writing

Importance is Precedence

Important Is Big

Intelligence Is A Light Source

Intelligence/Idea is a Cutting Instrument

Intense Emotions Are Heat

Interaction Between Progress And External Events Affecting

Interpersonal Harmony Is Musical Harmony

Intimacy Is Closeness

Intoxication Is Becoming Electrified

Intoxication is Getting Burned/Cooked

Intoxication Is Getting A Burden

Intoxication Is Getting Destroyed

Investments Are Containers For Money

Knowledge Of Past Events Is An External Event Exerting Force On

Knowing What Will Happen Is Seeing Where You Are Going

Knowing Is Seeing

Laughter Is A Substance

Learning Is Eating

Learning is Absorbing

Light Is A Fluid

Light Is A Line

Linear Scales Are Paths

Logic Is Gravity

Logical Relations Are Causal Relations

Longterm Purposeful Activity Is A Journey

Longterm Purposeful Change Is A Journey

Love Is A Journey

Love Is A Unity (of Two Complementary Parts)

Love Is Madness

Love Is Magic

Loved One Is A Possession

Lust Is Heat

Lustful Person Is An Activated Machine

Lustful Person Is An Animal

Machines Are People

Means Of Change Is Path Over Which Motion Occurs

Mental Accounting

Mind, Or Mental Self Is A Brittle Object

Money Is A Liquid

Moral Accounting

Morality Is Cleanliness

Morality Is Purity

Morality Is Straightness

More is Higher

More is Heavier

More is Bigger

More Is Up

Necessary Prerequisite For Change Is Source Of Moving Entity

Obligations Are Containers

Obligations Are Forces

Obligations Are Possessions

Opportunities Are Objects

Opportunities Are Open Paths

Organization Is Physical Structure

People Are Batteries

People Are Machines

People Are Plants

People Are Buildings

Perception Is Reception

Perception Is Shape Recognition

Perfect is regular

Personality Is Material

Possessing Is Holding

Problem Is A Constructed Object

Problem Is A Tangle

Problem Is A Target

Properties Are Contents

Properties Are Physical Properties

Properties Are Possessions

Psychological Forces Are Physical Forces.

Purposes are Desired Co-locational relations

Purposes Are Desired Objects

Purposes are Destinations

Rational Is Up

Reasoning is Following a Path

Receiving Serious Thought Is Being On The Mind

Relationship Is Kinship

Relationships Are Enclosures

Responsibilities Are Possessions

Seeing Is Touching, Eyes Are Limbs

Self-initiated Change Of State Is Self-propelled Motion

Sexuality Is An Offensive Weapon

Shapes Are Containers

Similarity Is Closeness

Social Accounting

Society Is A Body

States Are Locations

States Are Shapes

Status is Position

Strong Emotion Is Blinding

Strong Emotions Are Madness

Subjects Are Areas

Success is Life

The Body Is A Container For The Self

The Conduit Metaphor

The Event Structure Metaphorical System

The Mind Is A Body

The Mind Is A Machine

The Progress Of External Events Is Forward Motion

The Visual Field Is A Bounded Region

The Visual Field Is A Container

Theoretical Debate Is Competition

Theories Are Beings With Life Cycles

Theories Are Cloth

Theories Are Constructed Objects

Theories Are Covers For The Facts

Theories Are People (w.r.t. Family Tree Structure)

Theories Are People (w.r.t. Opinions)

Time Is A Changer

Time Is A Container (bounded)

Time Is A Landscape We Move Through

Time Is A Pursuer

Time Is A Resource

Time Is Money

Time Is Motion

Time Is Something Moving Toward You

Treating Illness Is Fighting A War

Understanding Is Grasping

Value is Size

Well-being Is Wealth

Words Are Weapons