El emigrante

Content Conceptualization: Conventional
Context: Political Cartoons
Content Expression: With Symbols
Expression Realization: Fusion
Linguistic Expression: No

Timestamp: 2017-01-25 11:46:44
Author: Angel Boligan
Copyright: Angel Boligan
Brand: -
Country: Mexico/Cuba
Year: 2011
Text inside image: none
Text outside image: none
Source: Author's Facebook page
URL: https://www.facebook.com/189166114446552/photos/pb.189166114446552.-2207520000.1400150492./267154369981059/?type=3&theater
Notes: Arms are countries (flags are symbols for countries). A (Latin) immigrant is pushed by Mexico to the USA. The USA is pushing him (standing for immigrants/metonymy part for whole) back to Mexico. (Latin) immigrants are not wanted in the USA (American dream, land of opportunities). They can't stay in Latin America due to the lack of opportunities.

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