Content Conceptualization: Conventional
Context: Art (Illustration)
Content Expression: Without Symbols
Expression Realization: Replacement
Linguistic Expression: No

Timestamp: 2016-07-26 11:51:55
Author: Vladimir Kush
Copyright: Vladimir Kush
Brand: -
Country: Russia/USA
Year: 0000
Text inside image: none
Text outside image: The Amaryllis bulb is a symbol of Paradise, the enclosed space. Away from strangers' eyes, from the dark of the Earth, the love of a Man and a Woman bulges. Time goes by and the sprout of Love turns into a magnificent flower, spreading its petals toward the sky. The color Red is the symbol of passion, love and vital force, splashing into the glowing space.
Source: Author's portfolio
Notes: Conventional metaphor: people are plants

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