Annotation procedure


each of the four coders annotates a randomly selected text from the BNC Baby independently using MIPVU

texts are uploaded on an online discussion website for cross-checking by the other analysts; analysts write comments on the annotations they disagree with (Click here for a screenshot of a discussion.)

group meeting for discussing cases of disagreement; decisions are recorded on the discussion website and in a database for future reference

corrections are made to the annotated files (if applicable)

Learn how the analysts discussed cases of disagreement and follow their conclusions by downloading this file.pdf.

Note: The online discussion website is not available to the public, however, products such as Googledocs fulfill similar functions.

A total of 187,570 lexical units have been analyzed.

For details on the annotations used in this corpus, click here.




Here is a short description of the steps a team of four researchers has taken to build the metaphor corpus: